Sutton Forest Estate Wines

Sutton Forest Estate Wines is a second generation family owned property.The Lo Russo family has been associated with the Southern Highlands for the past 26 years.

We have combined our Italian background in grape growing and the rich soil and cool climate of the region, to produce premium quality wines, unique to the Southern Highlands of NSW.

Our trademark, Sutton Forest Estate Wines, derives from “Sutton Forest Village” which has a significant place in early Australian history. The village was first settled in the 1820’s at which time is was located on the outskirts of the colony.

Our Vineyard

Grape vineyards take careful thought and planning and the right vine varieties need to be planted in the right soils and the right regions.

In 2002 with appreciation for fine wines, Nick and Santina Lo Russo in consultation with leading local viticulturists Darren Corradi, started the long process of producing premium quality wines.

Our vines are hand pruned, and our grapes are hand picked. From these vines we produce intensely flavoured wines, that are true to their variety, in the Southern Highlands region.